Pernille Sofie Langøe
Tel.: 22 64 56 49

Jesper Hansen
Tel.: 39 20 02 50

You will find the manual for the alarm here.

If you need emergency help with the alarm, please contact Jysk Kontrolcentral on tel: 76 11 71 17.

Installation number: 270477.

ALFA WORK provides bathing facilities for employees. These are located in the basement (behind the glass door next to the bar).

Meeting rooms can be booked via Outlook. This applies to the separate floor and the common areas (living room and canteen area).

An emergency evacuation plan has been ordered from our fire adviser. The plan will be handed out to the Office Manager.


  • Chargers are located at our private parking area at ALFA WORK. This means only those with a parking permit may park on our private parking spots.
  • There is no time limit on EV spots while charging.
  • It is forbidden to park on EV spots without charging: If you park on an EV spot and do not charge (the plug is not plugged in) you will be fined by the parking guard (ParkZone).
  • As soon as charging is completed, you must move your car. A penalty charge of 1.00 DKK/min will be charged via the Monta app 60 minutes after charging if the car remains plugged in.
  • Guests are allowed to park on EV spots if they follow general guest parking rules (register as guests)


We strive to always give you the best possible price. Prices are variable and based on the current electricity spot prices on the market (changing every hour). You can see the current price in your Monta app.


  • For all questions regarding charging, the Monta app or payment, please contact our customer support: 42 71 37 30 (from 8am-4pm) or chat support (24/7).
  • If you want to access the ALFA member group with the cheap prices, please write to Pernille (property administrator):
  • If you have any questions regarding ALFA’s rules and prices, please contact Balder (asset manager):
  • If you have any questions regarding the chargers and the technology in the building, please contact Jesper (Operations Manager):

The building is DGNB certified. This implies an obligation to limit and reduce our resource consumption as much as possible, including electricity, water, heat and paper consumption as well as the amount of commercial waste.

The fitness room in the basement can be used by all employees.

• Indoor footwear must be used in the room
• The equipment must be put in place after use
• Removal of equipment is not permitted
• You may use liquid lime, but not lime in powder form
• Use of the room is at own risk

ALFA WORK has the following WIFI for guests:


There are 10 parking spaces reserved for guests in front of the main entrance. Guests must register their cars on the iPad at the reception, after which they can park for 3 hours.

The defibrillator is located in the living room near the reception.

• Breakfast: 08.00 -09:30 am (DKK 15 per person)
• Lunch: 11:30 -13:00

Registered employees can eat in the restaurant. Additionally, guests can be brought to the restaurant for DKK 100 per person (transfer on MobilePay).

Tableware brought to other floors can be placed in the kitchen on that floor.

You can order catering for your meetings via FoodTime. Meeting catering can only be ordered for 4 people or more.

Catering can only be ordered for external meetings, unless it is a large team meeting.

If you order catering on the day of your meeting, just make sure that the order has been processed by asking at the restaurant or by calling tel. 23 28 62 49.

The parking area at ALFA WORK is controlled by Parkzone.
The car must be registered. If the car is not registered with a digital license, an inspection fee will be charged (DKK 795).

When purchasing a license, the administrator must be contacted.

The reception is open:
• Monday-Thursday: 08:30 -16:30
• Friday: 08:30 -16:00

Contact the reception:

When guests arrive, the company in question will be contacted. Guests must then be picked up at the reception.

The reception will receive parcels delivered to ALFA WORK. For delivery of private parcels, the packaging must be taken home.

Smoking must take place at  the space next to the garbage room. Please, make sure to use the ashtray hanging on the garbage room.

All locks and door handare Salto (electronic locking system). When entering the building and meeting rooms, the key tag must be used. If the key tag is lost, ALFA Drift must be contacted as soon as possible so that the key tag can be deactivated. If a key tag is lost or if you wish to buy an extra, this can be purchased for DKK 200 per. key tag excl. VAT. Key tags can be ordered by contacting the facility manager at ALFA WORK. 

Locker rooms are available for storing outerwear, bags, fitness clothing, etc. The locker rooms are located in the basement by the bar and instructions for use can be found directly on the cabinets. A separate padlock is not necessary as the cabinets are locked with a built-in lock.

In acute cases after 16:00 pm, Egedal Ejendomsservice must be contacted on tel.: 70 25 03 04.

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