ALFA Ventures invests in proptech company Wise Home

Since the establishment in 2016, Wise Home has developed a software system that can deliver fully automated consumption accounting for e.g. electricity, water and heating. The system is based on the fact that all meters in a property are connected in an open-source network which offers an exciting digital potential (e.g. in energy optimisation, water damage, air quality and alarms).

“Wise Home’s focus is completely in line with our own ambitions, and we have analysed Wise Home’s solutions in relation to our own portfolio with very good results. The system may not only provide us with significant financial savings by making us aware of resource wastage, but may also benefit the entire industry and the environment in the long run by simplifying the process of, for example, DGNB certification of buildings in use “, says CEO in ALFA Development, Jan Kristensen.

“ALFA is a very forward-thinking real estate developer that is helping to raise the bar in the industry. Proptech is also an integral part of their DNA, which is why they are the right investor for us. In addition, ALFA is an experienced and active investor that can bring crucial competencies and resources to the table that will help accelerate the implementation of our strategy,” says Per Holst, founder and CEO in Wise Home.

New investment strategy targeted towards promising tech start-ups

The investment in Wise Home is the latest step in ALFA Ventures’ major investment strategy with the ambition to invest € 20 million in start-up companies in the real estate industry. The companies will be selected based on their ability and potential to contribute to a transformation of the industry towards more sustainable and customer-oriented solutions as well as their ability to support the core business of ALFA Development. As a starting point, ALFA Ventures invests directly in companies from the (pre)seed phase to Series A. The goal is a balanced and diversified portfolio of 15-20 companies. ALFA Ventures intends to make further investments in 2022.

“The real estate industry is an important part of today’s climate change challenges and therefore we must do our best to be part of the solution. The demand for more sustainable solutions is growing steadily and we believe that both the technologies and the culture in the industry are generally mature enough for us to succeed in delivering on that demand. Our industry knowledge can be a helping hand to the companies we invest in, and in turn we ensure to be at the forefront of new solutions, technologies and opportunities in the market in order to support our core business”, says CEO in ALFA Ventures ApS, Anders Dalskov.

ALFA Ventures has previously invested in companies such as Stykka, who has digitalised the entire process of design, production and operation of furniture (kitchen, storage, etc.), the urban-tech fund 2150, who invests in technologies to promote the green development of cities, and Nextfood, who works with vertical farming that can reduce the environmental impact of agriculture by 95-99%. In 2019, ALFA Development also contributed to the establishment of PropTech Denmark, a non-profit organisation with a mission to promote innovation, technological development and digital transformation in real estate.

About Wise Home

The company Wise Home A/S was established in 2016. Wise Home is founded by a team of experts in the relevant fields – from monitoring technology and automated digitalisation to property management and the many challenges associated with this. An agile team with valuable industry experience and a clear vision for securing the future of rental properties. Wise Home is the way to the intelligent property. Managing rental properties involves many manual workflows that are both cumbersome and time consuming. Wise Home has a stated goal of making the hassle easy. The path to the goal goes through monitoring, digitalising and automating workflows so you can spend your time on value-creating activities. That is why we offer, among other things, fully automatic consumption accounting with ongoing measurements. At the touch of a button, the distribution accounts are prepared and sent to the tenants, so that the landlord or administrator avoids cumbersome workflows. It is faster, easier and cheaper. Wise Home uses units of measurement, sensors and digitalised processes to give you an overview of relevant factors in and around the individual leases in your property. With information on everything from humidity, temperature and indoor climate to flooding and tenants’ use of the property’s laundry, the system can help prevent a wide range of damages and challenges associated with home rentals.

For more information

Anders Dalskov, CSO, ALFA Development // CEO FLAME Venture, tlf. 51 52 21 97
Mette-Louise Meng, Head of Marketing, ALFA Development, tlf. 25 57 52 06

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