In December 2021 ALFA Development moved into our new, inspiring headquarter on Knud Højgaards Vej in Søborg. The office property dates from 2001 and has previously served as the headquarter of STARK Group. After growing out of our office in Hellerup, we made the decision to transform the property into our own headquarter. In addition to functioning as our own headquarter, Knud Højgaards Vej serves as an office community for other companies within the industry that share the same values and ambitions as us, especially when it comes to sustainability and social responsibility.

The flexible, aesthetic and innovative surroundings at Knud Højgaards Vej provide the best conditions for growing, sparring and inspiring each other. In addition, it is an office building that houses a wide range of eye-catching and original details, including a five meter high palm tree, moss walls, an atrium with “floating” meeting rooms, a Nextfood microfarm and several sustainably produced kitchens from Stykka.

Focus on the community

The property on Knud Højgaards Vej has undergone a thorough transformation from a typical office building with cellular offices to a state-of-the-art, flexible multi-office building with a focus on sustainability in materials, design and use The ambition for Knud Højgaards Vej is that it will serve as a community of companies and people who think outside the box when it comes to sustainability, technology, customer journeys and social relations.

DGNB GOLD certification

Knud Højgaards Vej will also be one of the first 10 properties in Denmark to receive the DGNB GOLD certification for office buildings in use. To ensure that we will receive the desirable certification, a sustainability guide has been prepared in order to ensure that the property meets the standards of the DGNB GOLD certification.

Among other things, water consumption, waste volumes and electricity consumption in the property must be reduced by 1% per year, which corresponds to 28% in 2050. In addition, all tenants must be represented in five committees that focus on electrical products, waste, water consumption, CO2 emissions and user satisfaction. This will ensure that all tenants are heard while making sustainability a visible part of everyday life at the office. This also supports a working environment that works with and for the environment.

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Mette-Louise Meng, PR & Communication

Tel.: +45 25 57 52 06

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